About Us

We are designers of high end custom homes and renovations.

Our award winning work has been featured both locally and nationally in print publications and on HGTV Canada. With our staff of Architectural Designers and Consultants we have built a reputation for innovative design and exceptional service. Every project we take on is an opportunity to stretch our design ideas, hone our attention to detail and present to our clients a bricks and mortar realization of their dreams. We approach (Carrothers & Associates now consists of six talented staffers) an assignment without preconceived ideas of an end product. Walking a site, measuring, listening to our clients, adding in practicalities, while always shooting for that “wow” moment culminates in a vision shared by clients and designers that translates a lifestyle into a home.

We are always looking at what can be taken away and simplified instead of what should we add, no matter where the assignment, Hamilton, GTA, the East or West Coast of Canada, and the style of house – our goal is the same; provide great design that reflects the sensibilities of our clients.