The Revlon – Residential Exterior Facelift

Burlington, Ontario
This existing 2 storey single family home located in Burlington, Ontario sits across from a picturesque golf course. When the owners explained to us that although they loved their home’s location, size and building lot, it was a facelift they were looking for as they were unhappy with how it looked from the street.

This renovation provided us with one of our most challenging designs to date. What we were faced with was: how do we transform the look of a house, without changing roof lines or the exterior footprint while making it seem more contemporary and appealing.

The existing home was clad in white vinyl siding with oversized windows and detailing that did it no service. Furthermore, a detached garage created a disconnect between the scale of the two structures.

By creating an attached garage and a series of horizontal porch roofs the massing of the building now works. Natural stone, complementary stucco and warm cedar cladding, along with dark brown trim, create a rustic yet modern appearance.

Construction completed Summer 2014.¬†Like this project? Head to our “Contact Us” page.

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